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I just haven’t been posting!
But I’ve been making Salads, and Jalapeno poppers and Ice Cream and lots more.  Life gets in the way sometimes, and sometimes that’s a good thing.

Instead of sitting in front of the computer updating multiple blogs, I’ve been sitting at the table and enjoying the meals.

I’ll be back though- those cold winter nights mean a lot more cooking, and probably some more free time on the weekends.


So I cooked in April, made some great recipes- but I haven’t taken the time to type them up!  I don’t think I met the 6 requirement- might have only gotten in 4.  They’re coming, and I’ll make up for it in May- have a free weekend coming up and can’t wait to try some new recipes from a new cook book out!

So, I have already failed my resolution! I only cooked 4 new recipes this month, but I will make up for it! I blame the stomach virus that side tracked me last week, I really had ideas for what I was going to be cooking up. I made one new recipe yesterday- but it was February although it felt like January… so it doesn’t really count, and it will get its own post shortly!


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