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Last Thursday, we had our usual dinner date with Eric and Kate.  This has been a great time for me to try new recipes since I’m cooking for 4 instead of 2.  I had just gotten in to The Pioneer Woman and was eager to try out one of her recipes- so I tackled her favorite Lasagna.  I was wary of all the meat, especially the sausage and of the cottage cheese replacing the ricotta (I know, right?).  I took her tip of making it the night before and sticking it in the fridge, and thank God because Thursday was a day from hell and I did not want to make a lasagna when I got home, throw one in the oven- sure!  It took longer to cook than the recipe stated, but once it got nice and bubbly I pulled it out and we dug in.

YUM.  Matt- who doesn’t like sausage enjoyed it (His only complaint was the sausage and I don’t think he would have noticed if he hadn’t have known it was in there) and Eric who does not like cottage cheese loved it and even kept eating it after I revealed the ingredients.  Fantastic.  I had a little bit for a snack the next day, and it was great reheated.  Next time I will probably leave out the sausage, and actually I’d love to try it with just cheese.  Overall- a great dish- and I didn’t even take pictures- because hers are way better.

So, after the great lasagna success when I saw her Gazpacho recipe come up Monday morning I knew I had to try it out.  I’m visiting my Mom for the week so I have lots of time to shop and cook and this was something I knew her and her boyfriend would enjoy.  Perfect.  The chopping is a little time consuming, but well worth it because this soup rocks.  It is a great consistency and a real crowd pleaser.  I have enough to make another batch and am going to serve it to friends on Thursday.  Fun!

I’m really enjoying not only her pictures and descriptions of steps, but her variation of dishes.  Next up, Chicken Tikka Masala, stay tuned!



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