So NH+No Work+Mom’s Money=Lots o’ cooking!

Two more recipes for you- and they’re my own, yay!

Turkey Burgers- There was thawed Turkey meat in the fridge and the Gazpacho needed some protein to make it a meal, so Mozzarella Turkey Burgers it was.  I took the turkey meat and mixed it with worcestersire sauce, bread crumbs, salt, and pepper.  Made nice juicy balls and stuck em on the grill. After a few minutes on one side, I flipped them and only pressed a little- you don’t want to lose the moistness.  They flipped once more and then a nice hunk of fresh mozzarella went on top to melt and surround the little guys.  They were moist and yummy- a great accompaniment to a cold soup for a summer meal.

Tuna Steaks- They looked good, so they came home with me.  I mixed up some soy sauce, garlic (3 gloves), and a handful of chopped cilantro.  The tuna steaks sat in a zip-lock with the marinade for about 4 hours before going on the grill.  I placed them on one side for 4 minutes and then flipped them for 2 or 3.  They were slightly overdone, next time lower flame- the steaks were thinner than I thought.  Still, delicious with a fresh garden salad and some oven roasted potatoes.

I love summer cooking!