Not only did I have fun making this recipe, but I got to say, “Halibut for the Helluvit” a few times, which was really fun!

These recipes were in our Newlywed First and Forever cookbook.  The Halibut seemed like it would be easy to make and who doesn’t love a good couscous!

I didn’t crush the chips enough, and we over salted the Halibut, however the salsa was good that topped it and the couscous was the shining star!

I probably won’t make the fish again, I don’t typically cook fish and this one wasn’t good enough to try again.  With that said, I’m not going to type in the recipe.

Now, the couscous.  This was so easy, some chicken broth, some leeks, a pan with butter.  You let the leeks get melted in the pan and then stir them in to the couscous which has been cooked the broth.  Delicious!

Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture in time, so none this time.