I dont’ remember how I found it, but I stumbled across what looked like an easy and yummy recipe for a berry meringue. (Plus she’s got great photos!)  I love meringues, and I love berries so it was perfect.  I wanted it to be one of my January recipes, but said stomach virus side tracked me.

Yesterday I was in NH for the day and being surrounded by a lot of fluffy white snow reminded me of this recipe, so I got to it!

Meringue’s are so easy with a mixer.  I remember when I was a kid helping my mom bake and whipping the egg whites and sugar by hand, yikes.

Getting the berries mixed in isn’t as easy as it may sound/look.  You really do have to be careful not to let the whites fall.  Using the spatula was a good work around, but it still didn’t mix as well as I would have liked and some meringues were berrier than others.  Oh well.

Unfortunately these didn’t come out ideal.  I think I could have let the egg whites whip for a few more minutes.  That mixed with the wet berries made the meringues a lot softer than I usually like.  I’ll definitely be trying these again, and now I’m excited and confident about making meringues in the future- they’re quite easy!