I get the hungrygirl.com email newsletter everyday.  I usually skim through it and think, “That looks like a good idea!” but I’ve never actually made any of her recipe “swaps”.   So when I saw her superbowl themed newsletter and I knew I’d be making food for the event anyway, I figured it was a good time to try one of her swaps.  I chose the 7 layer dip since it would be an easy crowd pleaser even as healthy choice.

I changed it up a little bit, using avocado instead of butternut squash (didn’t feel like dealing with that), turkey instead of boca meat substitute and real cheese, you gotta have real cheese.

It was a little bit of a balancing act getting all the ingredients prepped and ready, but it came together pretty quickly and was yummy!  It was well paired with pita chips.  We dove in to it early and then about 1/2 of it kind of sat for the rest of the game.  Unfortunately, after sitting it didn’t seem as appetizing, so next time I’ll 1/2 the recipe.

Overall it was a great addition to a normally “bad” food packed day!