On Sunday Jen forwarded me this recipe and it inspired me enough to make it tonight.  Monday nights are usually the hardest night for me to get motivated when I get home from work, I hardly ever go to the gym on Monday’s and in the past never usually cooked.  Considering we had to get to the store anyway, and that this recipe had simple written all over it I wanted to give it a whirl!

Well simple it was.  I chopped up the broccoli, the walnuts and garlic and tossed them with my hands on the baking sheet.  Thankfully I’ve got great new knives so the chopping is even easier than ever.

Unfortunately my grocery store didn’t have Orecchiette so we had to use mini penne instead, which I wasn’t too happy about.

The broccoli and walnuts roasted much more quickly than I had expected, and the broccoli cooked down significantly leaving us with a little too much pasta for the amount of broccoli we had.

I’ll definitely use this recipe again, and buy a little more broccoli and find the noodles meant to go with it.

I topped the pasta off with perdue precooked chicken breasts in Italian seasoning for some protein.  I’m looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow!