Last night we made this Martha Stewart Everday Recipe.  It was easy, yummy and got me off to a great start on my resolution to cook 6 different recipes a month.

A little about the meal,

Jen and I headed to the Hannaford down the street to pick up the potatoes, meat and salad.  We grabbed a bag of new red potatoes, and then headed to the meat counter.  They didn’t have any skirt steak, but they did have angus flank steak which is close enough.  We grabbed 1.75 lbs for 5 people.

Once home, we started with the potatoes first.  I realized we didn’ t have a lot of viable garlic, so I do think the potatoes could have been more garlicy.  I chopped the garlic and then sprinkled some salt on and like the recipe calls for pressed it into a mush with the side of my knife.  After mixing it with oil and thyme I kind of sprinkled it on the sliced potatoes, but there wasn’t enough to go around.  Then we reread the recipe and realized we were supposed to toss the potatoes, so we tossed them on the pan and it spread much more evenly, but I could tell there wasn’t enough garlic.

Those went in to the oven and we got started on the steak, which was so much more easy than I could have imagined!  Jen cut it in to five pieces and then sprinkled it with salt and pepper.  We got two cast iron pans hot with oil and let the steaks go.  In the meantime I whisked the vinaigrette which I could tell just from the smell would be perfect with the arugula we substituted for watercress.

The steaks took a couple minutes longer than we though, which meant they didn’t rest for that long before the potatoes were out of oven and the salad was tossed.  All in all the meal was delicious.  We paired it with a yummy Sonoma Zinfandel and everyone cleaned their plates.

I didn’t realize until we were done that this was a great start to my resolution!  Not only did we make a great meal, but I got to catch up with Jen.  A great way to start the year!